Tuesday, May 26, 2015

{11.02.13} Scarecrows on the Square

 Wyatt was sick for most of the week that the Scarecrows on the Square were up in downtown Summerville, but we managed to sneak out two days after Halloween and catch a few of the displays that hasn't been dismantled yet.

{11.01.13} Kindergarten Fall Festival

 The day after Halloween the Kindergarten classes at KES had a Fall Festival.  Since they don't wear costumes to school on Halloween, this is a day to celebrate the season.  They have a big hoe-down and even their own petting zoo.

There was a miniature horse...

And some chickens, among other animals.

Then they went inside and showed off some of their square dancing moves they learned.  Here's Wyatt with his partner, Brinlee.

{10.31.13} 1st Quarter Kindergarten Award Ceremony & Halloween

 Knightsville Elementary (Wyatt's school) has an awards ceremony for all classes every 9 weeks of school to recognize perfect attendance and "Jammin' Jaguar" (like "Student of the Quarter") for the quarter.  Wyatt had Perfect Attendance for his first quarter of Kindergarten.  We've already missed for 2nd quarter, but it was a great way to start his school career.

After the Award Ceremony at Wyatt's school, I zipped over to the CDC to see Ruthie at her schools Fall Festival.  She got to show of her Minnie Mouse costume to all of her teachers and friends.

Snow White Millie and Minnie Mouse Ruthie

We were super excited to celebrate Halloween in our new neighborhood.  We heard it was a big deal, and they weren't kidding!  In Surfside we would have about 8-10 trick or treaters.  This was CRAZY, and FUN!

Minnie Mouse Ruthie and Army Man Wyatt

Before Trick-or-Treating, the neighborhood has a huge gathering at the Clubhouse and even a parade of golf carts and costumes.

Our next door neighbor, Kristen, works for Channel 2 News and they came out to cover the fun.

Ruthie, Wyatt, Caroline, and Ellis Cate.  Carolina and Ellis Cate are the daughters of a girl from Easley that Will went to elementary through high school together.  Will's mom and Ashley's mom taught together for years and now our two families live in the the same town, same neighborhood, two blocks away.

{10.28.13} Final T-Ball Game of Fall 2013 Season

 Wyatt has enjoyed playing t-ball at Parks Field this fall.  It's been a great way to stay active and also get to know people in our new town.  I've also enjoyed it because he's been on the team with a few people I knew back in high school.

The Blue Jays had a great season and we're excited to play with them again in the Spring!

Beckham and Cameron (both sons of high school friends of mine!) with Wyatt

At "bat"

Running to first

Wyatt and Beckham, enjoying their post game pizza (since it was the final game of the season)

Wyatt and his coaches, Coach Thomas, Coach Mike, and Coach Craig

Thanks for a wonderful first season of Summerville t-ball!

{10.23.13} Fire Truck Fun

Wyatt loves fire trucks, and will NEVER turn down a chance to sit in one - even if it's when leaving the pediatrician's office with a fever!

{10.22.13} School Days

Miss Priss on her way into school in the morning...

Wyatt's class on Crazy Hat Day!

{10.19.13} Fun with Gigi

You just never know what you are going to find on your phone with two smart kids and their fun grandmother!